• Taki Jayy

To the Healers, Empaths, Restorers, & Peacemakers

I know. I know that you are tired. I know that you feel like you're at the very bottom of the ocean and these recent events may have pushed you to your breaking point. Did it take you a few days to gather your thoughts and to process? Me too. When you saw Floyd’s video go viral, did you scroll right past it and wait a few days to watch it on you own? Away from friends, your significant other, your colleagues, because you wanted to watch it in complete solidarity? ME TOO.

Have You cried about it? Have you questioned the fate of those you considered friends due to differences/beliefs? Did you have a hard time sleeping this week? Did you want to call out of work? Do you feel like quitting? ME TOO.

I’m here writing this to simply remind you that with every break down is a breakthrough waiting to happen. If you identify with the above emotions, I want you to know that you And I, amongst a thousands others are feeling the same way. Some of us have found aggressive ways to go about our cry for change. Some of us feel Indifferent. And then there are those who just blank out and go MUTE because they have not identified their emotions and can’t process immediately. We all display our emotions in different ways.

With knowing that, I wanted to create this blog, as my first of many, to be a safe space for my thoughts as well as share them with those who support me or may be potential supporters in the future. I want us, as people, protesters, believers, allies and all to remember that unity is what we’re striving for. The message is not to harm although we’ve been harmed, it’s to continue to exercise our rights (whether we feel they were made for us or not) & show those who are threatened by us, the very people who helped build this country, that we deserve to live a life that does not consist of constantly looking over our shoulder, being afraid to being pulled over while black, walking into stores to be racially profiled, or worse, wrongfully


Let’s continue to spread the knowledge because knowledge is power And there is a lot of power in our words and actions when we come together. Not all cops are bad cops. Protesters are NOT Looters. Let’s be clear and mindful of

What can we do as a community? Black or an Ally? WE CAN ALL CONTRIBUTE. If you're reposting images on your social media, like the image shown below.. congratulations, you've just made a little bit of progress towards an ongoing issue! If you want to do more, but rather stay safe in the process while still making a difference, you can click these links below to make donations to GO FUND ME, Nonprofits, Campaigns and so much more! Want to support? Here is how to do it:







I hope this short blog post finds you well. We will get through this turmoil as we were trained to do. We will keep stating facts, we will continue to spread credible information and not spread the lies coming from sides of the spectrum in media, we will continue to educate those who are not informed and we will continue to pray for better days. Peace, Love, & all of the above -- Taki Jayy

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